china Corporate M&A Advisory

We provide professional M&A services for overseas funds, Promoting the cooperation between overseas funds and high-quality Chinese enterprises

M & a consulting

Provide a full range of M&A consulting services, including recommendation of target companies, asset evaluation, project demonstration, project negotiation, and implementation of funds, target company takeover, etc.

Due Diligence Services

We can help our clients analyze and evaluate the current profitability, financial status and cash flow status of Chinese target companies during the transaction process, as well as conduct rational analysis on profit forecasts. Provide an introduction to the business, legal and tax environment of the investment destination country, as well as review and analysis of the holding structure of the invested company or its parent company

Legal counsel service

Business thinking, industry knowledge, language ability, communication ability, ability to explain complex issues in simple language, document drafting ability, negotiation skills, team work ability, multi-threaded and fast work ability under pressure, project experience, professional ability, etc. The capacity reserves required by transaction lawyers.

In addition to professional ability reserve, experienced cross-border M&A transaction lawyers need to have the ability to understand market practices, the ability to control the overall situation of the project, the ability to judge complex and difficult problems, and the ability to think in combination with risks and business reality Competence and ability to provide commercially viable legal solutions. Coordination ability, thinking ability, judgment ability and problem-solving ability are the basic abilities necessary for lawyers in cross-border M&A transactions

Enterprise valuation service

Provide you with securities and futures-related business valuation consulting, corporate overall value valuation consulting, single asset valuation consulting, asset delivery verification, joint venture contract price advice, judicial price appraisal, valuation consulting for financial reporting purposes, and nationwide real estate land valuation. In recent years, it has provided many central and local enterprise groups, listed companies, and private enterprises with a number of mixed operations based on the introduction of strategic investment, equity (asset) transfer, capital contribution, domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions, investment value analysis, real estate transfer, Valuation consulting services for economic behaviors such as mortgages.

Investment advisory service

We have served various sovereign funds in China and around the world, pension funds, government departments, quasi-government agencies, financial investment institutions, endowment funds and other large institutional clients, and have accumulated rich experience. Our investment consulting services cover a wide range of global asset allocation, investment manager due diligence, responsible investment system design, investment process and investment governance optimization, etc.

Private equity consulting

Financial buyers raising cash through limited partnerships are under enormous pressure to identify and execute deals within tightly constrained time constraints. Mercer can help private equity buyers perform faster and more effective due diligence, help mitigate risk, and secure deal closure—all while developing strategies to help deliver better value. Sellers are often very easily tempted into a false sense of security. The rush to close a deal often risks the sale falling apart

Pandacu M&A Advisory Firm

We use our own corporate investigation capabilities and a wide range of information sources to help clients discover the most promising companies and the most suitable investment and acquisition targets, and reduce the information asymmetry and M&A risks between the two parties before the M&A. Relying on the in-depth case study strength of Chinese local enterprises and the in-depth understanding of the status quo and prospects of various industries and sub-industries, the China Commercial Industry Research Institute can help the acquirer quickly grasp the basic dynamics, market capacity and development status of the target industry, and then target Target Industry Select the target company that meets the client’s needs.

Multinational Enterprise Audit

Provide annual financial report audit services in compliance with international accounting standards for wholly foreign-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures (cooperative) enterprises, and subsidiaries, branches, or offices established by foreign companies in China, as well as compliance with China’s financial, taxation, and foreign exchange management Annual financial statement audit, tax audit and verification, foreign exchange revenue and expenditure audit and other services required by domestic standards.

Provide services such as registration and registration, business planning, credit investigation, financial monitoring, internal audit, internal control audit and evaluation, etc. for foreign companies in China.

Tax certification

China’s tax laws and regulations are complex and constantly updated, which is definitely a challenge for companies or individuals to handle taxation. Our Chinese tax professional service team regularly follows up and studies the latest tax regulations and developments, and provides you with practical solutions, which not only help you improve your tax arrangements, but also avoid various tax traps.

Economic Responsibility Audit

Economic responsibility audit is a certified public accountant who accepts the entrustment of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, enterprises or other social organizations, and in accordance with the procedures, methods and requirements stipulated by the state, to verify the authenticity and legality of the assets, liabilities, rights and interests, and profits and losses of the enterprise where the person in charge of the enterprise is in office. Activities related to economic activities such as profitability and major business decisions, as well as activities of supervision and evaluation of the implementation of relevant national laws and regulations. The economic responsibility audit is divided into tenure economic responsibility audit and outgoing economic responsibility audit.

Tax Consulting Services

We combine the strengths of our team to assist you in complying with China’s fiscal and taxation laws and regulations, and guide companies to plan their investment and operations at home and abroad in the most efficient way. By providing a series of comprehensive tax and business problem solutions, we can meet your needs in different industries. A large number of large state-owned enterprises, listed companies, and foreign-invested enterprises have accepted our tax risk self-examination, perennial tax consultants, tax consulting services for corporate mergers and acquisitions, tax risk management system construction, tax planning and other related tax consulting services, effectively helping customers to reasonably control Tax risks, legally obtain tax-saving benefits.

We are global M&a and financial advisory professionals,determined to help ambitious entrepreneurs and evolvingcompanies reach their full potential.

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